Our second opinion program and consultation help you bring back peace of mind you deserve!

If you have received a diagnosis and a treatment plan and would like to have another opinion, our second opinion program can help you make an informed, confident decision about your medical care. You may sometimes find out about treatment options that you did not know were available to treat your condition. In some cases, the information that you gain during your second opinion consultation may even change your diagnosis and hence the treatment plan. Through our second opinion program you will have easy access to world-class medical expertise as we have some of the best physicians and surgeons on-board across various specialities. You will be connected to an expert doctor who specializes in your specific health needs during your second opinion consultation. There are two ways to take a second opinion consultation from us.



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If you would like to come down to our hospital and personally consult with our doctors to discuss about your current diagnosis or treatment plan, simply request an appointment with the doctor. Visit our hospital, consult with our experts and take informed decision.


Get an
online second opinion

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An online second opinion gives you a convenient, secure and timely way to get answers to your questions about a diagnosis or treatment plan. You can consult with the same doctors online through a virtual consultation by requesting for an appointment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons why you may need a second opinion, including if you have a complex medical condition, if you have received a diagnosis that you are unsure about, if you are considering a major surgery or treatment, or if you are not seeing improvement with your current treatment plan.

You may need a second opinion when you are facing a difficult medical decision, when you have received conflicting diagnoses, or when you are considering a major medical intervention.

At MGM Cancer Institute, we offer second opinion consultations with world-class doctors who specialise in a wide range of medical specialties and oncology subspecialties. Our doctors have access to the latest medical technology and research and can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

To receive a second opinion consultation, you can schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. During the consultation, the doctor will review your medical records, discuss your symptoms, and provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan. You can also ask the doctor any questions you may have about your condition or treatment.

The time it takes to receive a second opinion can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the availability of the doctor. However, we strive to provide you with a timely consultation to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Once you receive a second opinion, you should carefully review the diagnosis and treatment plan provided by the doctor. You may want to discuss the second opinion with your primary care physician or other healthcare providers to ensure that you are making an informed decision about your medical care.

You can choose the doctor for your second opinion consultation. MGM Cancer Institute offers a team of world-class doctors specialising in various medical fields, and you can choose the doctor that best fits your needs.

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