• Getting to and from MGM Cancer Center is simple for our patients, employees, volunteers, and visitors,
  • The public transit routes and our hospital are also conveniently located.
  • Our flagship, MGM healthcare, is only 700 metres away, and we offer pickup and drop-off services via cab to and from it
  • Moreover, Aminjikarai is one of Chennai’s most accessible routes due to its close proximity to the Chennai Metropolitan Bus Terminal (CMBT). To get to Nelson Manickam Road, where the hospital is situated, a number of buses connect from various sections of the city.
  • You can avail Ola and Uber Car services from your mobile application, and get a ride easily as MGM Cancer Institute is in the prime location, in the centre of the city.


  • For patients, visitors, staff, and volunteers, MGM Cancer Institute provides a separate parking area in the basement.
  • We offer round-the-clock valet parking services.
  • Our transportation coordination and administrative staff will be available to assist you in locating the nearest available parking and assisting residents in and out of the vehicle following proper safety measures.
  • Motorcycle parking bays are offered separately for parking two-wheelers.
  • The traffic police are in charge of all street parking in and around the hospital; please obey all parking signs.

Reach out to us!

We are a business organisation, a social institution, and a healthcare brand, not just a hospital. MGM Healthcare is always delighted to hear from you and assist you as best we can with any of the above, as well as feedback and recommendations. Please contact the appropriate departments to handle your concerns.

Getting in Touch with Finance

If you have any questions, require clarification, or want to know how much your treatment will cost, contact the billing and insurance division of the finance department. The patient financial advocate will gladly offer you with the essential information and clarifications, as well as provide you with clarity on the transactions. They will aid you in keeping track of your payments, billing status, and insurance settlement. The finance department at MGM Healthcare also handles internal finance management, which includes careful evaluation and financial planning, budgeting and reporting, accurate and speedy processing of transactions, such as payments for salaries and other bills, working capital management, financial risk management, maintenance of accurate and auditable financial records, and compliance with legal and financial requirements. We follow best practises, conduct routine audits, and adhere to international accounting standards, all of which contribute to upholding the highest standards of responsibility and transparency.

Getting in touch with Supply Chain

Please get in touch with the supply chain division at MGM Healthcare if you are a vendor and would want to introduce your product to us. We play a significant role in the hospital’s operations and support its efficient running. We make sure that all goods, technology gadgets, medical tools, pharmaceutical supplies, and other medical supplies utilised by the hospital are readily available at all times. This is accomplished by careful planning and administration of all activities connected to sourcing, procurement, stocking, conversion, and logistics management.

We have effective processes in place to help integrate demands from all departments, including OTs, outpatient consultations, emergency wards, intensive and critical care units, diagnostic laboratories, radiology, pathology, etc. with purchase and stores so that resources are utilised optimally leading to efficiency in cost management. Our goal is to guarantee that our patients receive the greatest care and results at a fair price and in the shortest amount of time.

Contacting Human Resource

Please get in touch with MGM Healthcare’s human resource division if you’re interested in learning more about job openings in the hospital across various departments & roles. As we determine whether or not we are a good fit, we will be pleased to help you. Furthermore, the department is the main source of information and support for employees. Employee needs and wellbeing are taken care of.

To understand the staffing needs, we collaborate closely with all hospital departments. By creating a job description, vetting candidates, setting up interviews, and completing the human resource, we assist in hiring the best individual. By regularly evaluating employees, we conduct surveys, get feedback on their performance, and assist the company in identifying their strongest abilities.

Contacting Public Relations

If you are a member of the media and have any specific questions, requests for interviews and shoots, or would want to book an on-site press meet, please contact MGM Healthcare’s public relations department. We will gladly provide you with the necessary information. We collaborate closely with public relations firms, news organisations, and other organisations to advance MGM Healthcare’s interests by providing official statements, data, news transcripts, information about rare and complex surgeries performed at the hospital by our medical team, opinions on public health issues through our medical fraternity, and so on. We are also in charge of disseminating publicity materials, pictures, video footage, and other items bearing MGM Healthcare’s copyright.

Contacting the Administration

If you would like information on the overall operations, logistics and management of the hospital, including hospital facilities, parking facilities, SOPs followed for hygiene, cleanliness and maintaining a sterile environment, information on hospital timings and holidays, visitor policies and guidelines, patient information, information about our clinical departments and medical expertise, etc, please get in touch with the administration department at MGM Healthcare. We will be happy to assist you with the right information.

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No 119 & 121, Nelson Manickam Road, Raajeswari Street, Rajaram Mehta Nagar,

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