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Restoring Your Body: Surgical and Non-Surgical Options for Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring the appearance and shape of the breast following a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) or other trauma. There are several options available for breast reconstruction, which can be broadly categorised into surgical and non-surgical approaches.


Surgical Options:

Implant-based reconstruction:

  • Involves the use of silicone or saline-filled breast implants to recreate the breast shape and volume.
  • Can be performed in a single stage or multiple stages, depending on the patient’s condition and surgeon’s preference.
  • May require tissue expansion before implant placement.

Autologous tissue reconstruction (using the patient’s own tissue):

  • Flap reconstruction using tissue from the abdomen (TRAM or DIEP flap), back (latissimus dorsi flap), or other areas of the body.
  • The tissue is transferred to the chest area to create a new breast mound.
  • Often considered a more natural and long-lasting option compared to implants.

Combination of implants and autologous tissue:

  • Utilizes both implants and the patient’s own tissue to create a more natural-looking breast.
  • The tissue may be used to cover the implant or to enhance the shape and contour.


Non-Surgical Options:

External breast prostheses:

  • Artificial breast forms made of silicone or other materials that can be worn inside a bra or attached to the body with adhesives.
  • Provides a temporary or permanent solution for those who do not wish to undergo surgery or are not eligible for surgical reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction with fat grafting:

  • Involves transferring the patient’s own fat from areas like the abdomen or thighs to the breast area to enhance shape and volume.
  • Often used in combination with other surgical techniques or for minor adjustments.

The choice of reconstruction method depends on various factors, such as the patient’s overall health, personal preferences, breast size and shape goals, and the extent of breast tissue removal during the mastectomy. It’s essential to discuss all available options with the best plastic surgeon and MGM Cancer Institute Doctors, Chennai, to determine the most suitable approach for each individual case.


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