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Organ conservation therapy for throat/voice box cancer – dr anbarasi

8 May, 2023


Dr anbarasi oral ca treatment, radiation for voice box ca

8 May, 2023


oral care Dr Raja treatment options

6 May, 2023


oral care dr anbarasi early detection

6 May, 2023

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Dr Sivram Awareness talk

Surgical Oncology

“Cancer is not real, it’s a myth created by doctors. Sounds absurd?

Dr Sivaram Ganesamoni, Senior Consultant, Department of Surgical Oncology, shares with us various misconceptions about cancer that are being spread on social media. People tend to take cancer lightly, believing the fake news and messages that go viral online. He says, “”We might not be in control of our lifestyle, but being aware of our vulnerability to cancer will go a long way in taking preventive measures.””

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